The forward thinking approach of the company welcomes and utilises all innovative products.

Modular System Scaffold - the company operates with a modular system scaffold Oktolock which provides a fast solution to projects where programmes are tight, creating additional periods of time with accelerated scaffold erection and dismantle.

We currently have an expansive range of modular system staircases, which form compliant access and egress to and from a place of work in accordance with the WARegs 2005.
Extenda transoms - the extenda transom facilitates a variable transoms, thus accommodating variable build finishes with ease.

Sliding Hop-up brackets - Sliding hop-up brackets are compatible with all scaffolds and do not require additional standards, which restrict access to building facades. The sliding hop-ups fix to horizontal ledger tubes which greatly increases the safety factor in respect of traditional hop-ups which fix to directly to the standards, with one fixing increasing the potential of brackets slipping.

Plastic brickguards - these are produced from recycled plastic and have a greater use life and a much tidier presence then the traditional steel brickguards.

The scaffolders STEP - since the introduction of the NASC guidance note appendix A, which presented the industry with workable examples of collective fall protection which can be utilised during scaffolding operations. The company has adopted and demonstrated a safe system of work using the scaffolders STEP.

Tuff-coat Sheeting - provides a fully sealed sheeting solution, when encapsulation of scaffolding is required.

Clean Scaff - utilising plastic tubes and boards we have available a clean scaffold solution which has been used in both food and pharmaceutical environments where priority is best hygiene.

These are just a few examples of products which the company has in stock and regularly uses, in addition to the products listed above we have several temporary roof solutions, flame retardant netting/sheeting and several guardrail products including combisafe.